Turkey Platter


Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year or heading to Grandma’s house, these turkey platter add some fun to the menu. Your kids will have fun helping you put it together !

Here’s how to make these:

Meat and cheese platter:
Layer crackers, assorted meat, and assorted cheeses in an arch. Cut out a circle for the body, turkey feet, a beak, and eyes from a slice of cheese, and place on top. Use a slice of pepperoni or salami for the head.

Veggie platter:
Mix 16oz sour cream with 1 package of onion soup mix. Place on a tray, and layer kale and veggies in an arc around the dip. For the turkey, take a small yellow squash and cut out slits for eyes and a beak. Push pieces of carrots in the holes, and use red bell pepper for the snood and feet.

Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving!