Crockpot – An amazing kitchen tool for your holiday table


Christmas comes up, new year is coming soon… these days of end-ing year are like as holiday season. You will have a long menu with stewing dishes: consommé, pumkin pie, mashed potatoes, gravy… Do you imagine all in one… in a crockpot? That’s right, a crockpot should be in your kitchen to serve your delicious meal  at the holiday table

Here’s how to use the best of crockpot

#1 Slow cooking

The most use for a crockpot is like a slow cooker. You don’t wait for 3-5 hours or more in the kitchen to complete a braising. Crockpot is very ideal to make it, save your effort & time, also, save fat and more healthier. Big hunks of fatty meat like short ribs, shanks (beef, pork, or lamb), and shoulder (pork or lamb) work the best in a crockpot rendering tough fibers tender and soft.
Bright notes for fresh flavors like herbs. You should be add the last to keep its colors and flavors. With vegetables, hardy greens like collards and kale or carrots, don’t put them in the pot as soon as you turn it on.

roast turkey by crcokpot
And I’t so amazing that crock pot could roast a whole turkey, nothing could stop you. Roasting by crockpot is easier than using the oven, and results in delicious, spice-rubbed, slow-cooked, juicy meat.
On the other hands, you could discovery other interesting things you can make with crockpot, things you may never have thought that a slow cooker was capable of making. Try it with cheese cake, carrot cake or baked potatoes, beets.

#2 Keep warm

With a long menu of holiday table, such as various sauces, stocks, gravy, pure squash, beefs simmering away on the stove, there are  the most slow cookers which need to have a warm setting to keep these already cooked foods. And. It’s the time you must have a crockpot.
Besides, there are also the don’ts. The casserole dish or carved turkey, if you need to re-heat, don’t’ put it in this slow-cooker. The beautifull crackly skin will become soft and soggy.
Crockpot also doesn’t serve for macaroni, cheese, lasagna and pasta, they will become mushy mess.

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