08 Essential tips to roast a perfect turkey


It’s that time of year again for the biggest dinner of the year, there are still a lot of questions which you think carefuly about main course – turkey? How to great cooks? How to meat is not dry? How to roast turkey over 3 pounds…
And these essential tips help you getting more confident to roast perfect turkey for Thanksgiving dinner table.

#1. Say no with frozen, choose a fresh turkey

Reason causes drying out the meat, there are fluids leaked readily from the damaged cells after after thawing a frozen bird

#2. Brine turkey

The best way of seasoning spices on the inside is brining turkey before soaking, the salt-water will increase moister and you can flavor as well.

#3 Rub soft butter under the skin

Roasting make bastes turkey. Adding herbs & spices to the butter for delicious taste, this article Smoked Paprika & Fennel Seed Roast Turkey with Onion Gravy guides you details

#4 Roast the turkey down at first

You should always remember placing breast of turkey side down on a V-rack in the first hour.
Your turkey will not be marked by the rack and also roasting essentially allows it to baste itself

#5. 400oF is very ideal

400oF is exactly temperature for your perfect roasting to get crispy skin without compromising tenderness. You must roast from 3-6 hours depending the size of bird at this temperature.
You need a meat thermometer and set an alarm for when it reaches the proper temperature. This will limite opening the oven door and save cooking time

#6. Don’t stuff turkey before roasting

This can lead to all sorts of holiday misery – namely salmonella. If you insist on stuffing the bird, make sure you roast it until the stuffing has an internal temperature of at least 165°F.

#7 Don’t carving immediately after roasting

Roast in a long time, so the heat of the oven is high in the center of turkey. You should let turkey rest for 20 -20 minutes before carving moister slices.

#8 Perfect gravy

Only the essence off the meat make flavorful gravy. While the turkey is resting covered on the carving board, you should find out pan juices. If there is the excess fat, you should use a metal spoon to ladle it the pan to reserve