Simple tips to make perfect basic gravy

In the biggest dinner of the year, turkey plays the role of actor and the basic gravy seasons emotions of flavorful which taking the starring role.


In the biggest dinner of the year, turkey plays  the role of actor and the basic gravy seasons emotions of flavorful which taking the starring role.

What you need

  • Pan drippings: Only the essence off the meat make flavorful basicgravy. While the turkey is resting covered on the carving board, you should find out pan juices. If there is the excess fat, you should use a metal spoon to ladle it the pan to reserve
  • One cup pan juice, 1 tablespoon fat and 1 tablespoon flour make a paste called a roux, which serves as the thickener for the gravy.

How to make basic gravy

    • You should separate fat from drippings. Each 4 cups of gravy, only save about ¼ cup of fat. Prepare 4 cups of the pan juices, add more milk or water if needed to fill that amount.
    • Firstly, cook roasting pan at medium heat: Season ¼ cup of fat, sprinkle ¼ cup flour and stir constantly until the mixture of the fat and flour becomes frothy, about one minute.


    • Continue to whisk as the color of the roux darkens to a golden brown in five minutes. You could add wine or ¼ cup of the meat drippings and scrape up the little particles of meat from pan creating flavor to the basic gravy , simmer it about 01 minute
    • And, season slowly pan juices , stirring constantly. Simmer and whisk until the gravy thickens in five minutes.

If your basic gravy is too thick, add more pan juices to thin it. If too thin, season a little flour and whisk it into the gravy

And how to make gravy variations

The above recipe is simply and classic, but you need hold on this technique mastered. Andto deepen the flovor of gravy, there are some options


  • Season wine: Each 4 cups of gravy, add ¼ cup dry white wine or sherry for poultry gravy orr ¼ cup red wine for red meat gravy before adding the drippings
  • Instead of puree water, you should add the water from those potatoes you boiled
  • Add chopped fresh herbs to the gravy during