Pumpkin Party Cooler


For upcoming festive – Halloween, so many ideas coming to my head. It is so hard to fing the best one. As you can read other related posts, we have had a bunch of Halloween sets like party ideas, recipes, decorations, etc…

Maybe, you think it takes time to do all of these. Today, I just want to give you a simple way to rock your party on Oct 31st by a pumpkin and some bottles of beer or something like that.

You don’t need a fairy godmother to turn a pumpkin into an ice bucket.


  • Pumpkin
  • Glass or plastic bowl


  1. Choose a large, wide pumpkin. Cut off the top third with a serrated knife or keyhole saw and scrape out the pulp and seeds.
  2. Line the gourd with a glass or plastic bowl to prevent it from becoming water-logged. If the pumpkin opening is a bit too small for the bowl, carefully shave the inside edge with a spoon. Finish by filling the bowl with ice and bottled drinks.
  3. Fill the bowl with ice and bottled drinks.

Yeahhhh! That’s how we have a pumpkin party cooler.

This simple pumpkin cooler will keep all your favorite autumn beers cold while also impressing your Halloween party guests. Making it couldn’t be easier.