Tips for choosing the best pie plate

And now, preparing a pie season, we will talk about tips for choosing the best pie plates


In the days of fall-winter, I would like to seclude oneself in kitchen corner, look for every pie: apple pie, cheese pie, pumpkin pie, candy pie, oreo pie.. and how to creatively décor it. And then, with my friend, we enjoy piece of pie & hot tea and goute cold taste of monsoon…
Like a shopping girl, it seems that i fall in love with baking tools. I collect all of pans with other materials and size and also know well that right tools will make delicious pie, a good plate will never have burnt edges of pie and the material the pie plate is made of directly affects the consistency of the crust. Really, the plate you bake your pie in is a very real factor in the outcome of the perfect pie.

And now, preparing a pie season,
we will talk about tips for choosing the best pie plate

#1 Size matters: The most reasonable size of pie plate is 8-9”, the newer pie plates range from 9 1/2″-10″ seem to not done, they produce deep, sloppy pies.

#2 Pre-baking: Aluminum pie plate is the most suitable for pre-baking or blind-baking your crusts, because it’s a great heat conductor and also cool off quickly.

#3 Dispose of Disposable Aluminum: This plate are great for picnics and potlucks or you are cooking in a commercial setting, you should be careful not to overload the plate with filling. You may need to place the pie plate on a baking sheet to get the crust to cook evenly.

#4 Metal pie plate: Similar with dispose aluminum, metal pie plates are often cheap, lightweight, and durable. You also remember that very acidic fillings may react with the metal, you need choose your filling wisely. Metal conducts heat unevenly, so the crust may not cook uniformly.

#5 The best material:

pyrex pie plate

  • Glass or pyrex pie plate: Glass plate takes its time to heat and heats evenly, it’s easily to achieve a consistently cooked crust (and filling), and the ability to check the color of the crust while it bakes is invaluable.

ceramix pie plate

  • Ceramic pie plate: Ceramic conducts heat just as well as glass. Almost, you could easily decorate a beautiful pie with ceramic plate! If you are using a particularly thick ceramic plate, you may need to adjust your baking time accordingly.