Halloween Movie Night Gift Idea


I’m apologizing now because right now I’m in gifting mode and have Easy Halloween Gift Ideas on the brain. I have several more I’ll be posting in the next week or so, and I hope you like them.

This next idea was inspired by a Polka Dot Paper Popcorn Bowl from Michael’s. It was in the Halloween section, and I just had to get it. I knew it would be used and ended up making a Halloween Movie Night Gift Idea with it.

Here is how it turned out:

Adorable Halloween Movie Night Gift - perfect for date night { lilluna.com }

Fun, right? I know I wouldn’t mind getting this as a gift!! What’s great is it doesn’t even have to be a Halloween Gift… it can be a Birthday gift for anyone celebrating in October!

Here is what you’ll need to make one too:


– Popcorn bowl (found my Halloween versions at Michael’s)

– Shredded paper to fill it with (also found mine at Michael’s)

– Halloween Movie (we used Hocus Pocus)

– Clear bags (mine are Wilton found at Wal-Mart)

– Ribbon

– Orange Treats to fill bags with

– Permanent Marker

– Printables (found below)

– Drinks (we used IBC Root Beer)

– Treats


Halloween Movie Night Gift Idea - 1

Fullscreen capture 1032013 63005 AM.bmp

1. Begin  by filling your bucket with shredded grass. Then save your prints by clicking on the image above and then saving, and printing.

Halloween Movie Night Gift Idea - 2

2. Cut out your prints and attach them to your Pop Bottles and also to do the bucket. I tied  a ribbon around the top of the bucket and secured it with a glue dot.

3. Then I made some Easy Pumpkin Treat Bags….

EASY Pumpkin Treat Bags on { lilluna.com }

Halloween Movie Night Gift Idea - 3

– I drew some pumpkin faces on them.

Halloween Movie Night Gift Idea - 4

-Then filled them with Cheese Puffs (the kids’ favorite!)

Easy Halloween Pumpkin Treat Bags

– And attached a ribbon at top.


I was hoping to find Cheddar Popcorn to fill it with but had no luck. :(

Cheese Puffs are pretty close and look pretty cool, though.

Halloween Movie Date Night Bucket and Gift Idea

4. Then I filled my bucket with my goodies (movie, pumpkin bags, IBC, and some gummy body parts. :)

CUTE Halloween Movie Night Gift Idea

This is such an easy Halloween Gift idea. I’m still trying to think of who to give it to to wish them a Happy Halloween. :)