The best healthy fruits & veggies for fall season

Gifts of the autumn are really wonderful, there are variety of healthful and delicious fruits & veggies


Gifts of the autumn are really wonderful, there are variety of healthful and delicious fruits & veggies. Almost of girls haven’t never missed sweet of  apples & pears, they also offer rich of vitamins and antioxidants. And queen of fall in Halloween night, it’s squash, pumpkin bright gourds offer healthy alpha- and beta-carotene, which promote good eyesight…And more, the cabbage, rutabaga, and cauliflower gang provide a compound known as glucosinolates that may also have cancer-fighting potential…

And there are top of fruits & veggies for fall season

#1 Apples

Fuji apple

These apples are the most favoristes of fall, you could see them evrerywhere and you always need to eat them as the best way offering water and vitamins for you body. That is amazing with more than 7,500 different types of Apple, Remember that Fuji apples have the highest concentration of phenolics  and flavonoids, while Cortland and Empire apples have the lowest.

#2 Pears


These sweet fruits fall into two major categories : European and Asian. In the U.S., the European varieties, Bosc and Bartlett, are most common, and grow on the west coast during fall. Pears are high in soluble fibers, which helps lower “bad” (LDL) cholesterol. To get that daily dose of fiber and to satisfy a sweet tooth, snack on the fruit whole or incorporate into recipes from filling breakfast to healthier coktails

#3 Beets


You could buy beets anytime of year but beets are at their best in the fall. Your childs will always be excited with colorful of beets like reddish-purple color, golden, white, and even multicolored beets. To choose the best, you should look for firm, smooth bulbs and (if attached) bright, crisp greens. Toss the greens in salads and roast the beets for their betaine—a compound that may help prevent heart and liver disease—and nitrate, which may increase blood flow to the brain and potentially reduce risk of dementia.

#4 Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage


Like a famous veggie of fall – winter and go around the world, cabbage is indispensable in your meals, they are packed with vitamins A and C, and bring high concentrations of cancer-fighting glucosinolates You should look around Brussels sprouts  in the market and try it for a savory start to your day.

#5 Squash


At the beginning of Octorber, squash is looked like the poster food for autumn. Summer squash are still available locally until October in some parts of the country, and winter squash begin to crop up (pun intended) as summer squash heads out. The gourd family offers varieties including acorn, butternut, and delicata squash, as well as spaghetti squash  and its pasta-like strands.