There’s a famous Chinese dish called Twice Cooked Pork, or 回锅肉(hui guo rou) of Hunan origin, where pork belly is blanched, and then stir-fried with leeks, chili, and black bean. It’s an amazing dish, and I decided to do a vegan/vegetarian version. Rather than pork belly, potatoes are the star and are roasted in the oven and then stir-fried with a spicy black bean sauce in the wok and twice cooked potatoes were born.

Our roasted cauliflower stir-fry recipe from a few months ago was a hit with readers, but it actually did have meat in it.

This Spicy Black Bean Twice Cooked Potatoes dish is completely meatless, but there’s so much flavor…carnivores won’t miss it, and vegans will be happy for a new, unique dish to add to the rotation. My taste buds worked out the details with my brain, and this was what happened!

The preserved black soybeans (douchi) make it particularly rich and intense. They make a statement. But even so, this oil has multiple uses—as a stir-fry sauce for clams (or chicken) with black beans; mixed with soy sauce as a noodle sauce; as the red oil in Sichuan cold dishes.

An unexpectedly great use for the black bean sauce is on roasted potatoes or cauliflower. While the method is not Sichuanese—Chinese don’t roast vegetables because most of them don’t have ovens—the taste is pure Sichuan.

All of them make Roasted Potatoes in Black Bean Sauce.

black bean sauce(The only note I would add is that the best brand of douchi I’ve found in the U.S. is Pearl River Bridge, which is less smokey than the brand pictured in the recipe.) While you’re there, I bet you’ll find any number of other scrumptious things to cook, as I always do. Then come back here to make these umami-packed black-bean potatoes.

black bean sauce