Salade Lyonnaise, secret of french gastronomic capital


Salade lyonnaise made by combination of dandelion/ frisée, a curly bitter salad green, tossed in a warm vinaigrette and topped with a poached egg and crispy thick-slab bacon pieces. The rich pork fat and egg yolk coat your tongue in a creamy shield that keeps any one taste from becoming overwhelming.

It is not the most simple for this traditional warm salad but taste salade lyonnaise is the perfection way approaching in lyonnaise gastronomic. Try it to having a great dish and untill falling love, you could eat this salads at evert meal with satisfaction.

And some secrets of delicious salade lyonnaise

  • You shouldn’t let yolks harden, they remain as runny as possible to keep the most pleasures aspect of dish.
  • You don’t have to eat the salad the second the eggs are done
  • In classic receipe, you should use dandelion leaves, not frisée (chicory)
  • For this warm salad, you should toss the greens with  warm dressing and bacon and warm vinaigrette being really unbeatable.
salade lyonnaise with dandelion leaves
Salade lyonnaise with dandelion leaves