Pork Chops with Roasted Apples and Onions


The weather is getting cooler, but your produce choices are heating up. Pork chops and apples make a perfect pairing for a quick meal that can easily be found in your local market or grocery store. It is a perfect reason to get cooking on cool days.

These baked pork chops are quickly browned in a pan, and then transferred to a baking dish to bake slow and low in the oven with a generous amount of onions and apples.

You won’t need to batter these pork chops or do any frying at all, and they come out tender and delicious every single time! They also make their own sauce, and the apples and onions turn out nice and soft from being baked so long.

Baked pork chops are a great weekend or holiday dinner – they do take a little while to cook, but they’re worth it. Expect to bake them about an hour minimum, but longer is excellent if you’ve got the time!